Our Master Certification is for facilitators who have previously completed the TypeCoach Core Certification and would like to receive the license to deliver five additional TypeCoach courses. In order to take the Master Certification, you must first complete the Core Certification. The Master Certification includes additional interactive webinars and significant pre-work designed to prepare you to deliver the programs at the highest level.

You’ll leave the certification with:

  • Top notch mastery in Personality Type to take your group sessions and your 1:1 Coaching to the highest level (beyond type verification sessions)
  • All digital & hard copy resources needed to facilitate 5 Additional TypeCoach courses not included in the Core Certification:
  • Type & Stress
  • Type & Innovation
  • Type & Change & Tranformation
  • How to Motivate Each of the Four Temperaments
  • Type & Conflict
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This program consists of three interactive 90-minute webinars with approximately 6 hours of required pre-work for each webinar. 

Overall, there will be a total of 15-20 hours of coursework beyond the 2 facilitations of the signature program. 



Each webinar is from 11:00 am – 12:30 pm Eastern Time

o   Webinar 1: March 17, 2021
o   Webinar 2: April 7, 2021
 o   Webinar 3: April 27, 2021



The Conflict Map

Often personality type differences magnify an existing conflict and make resolving the conflict more challenging because the needs and priorities in resolving conflict vary greatly based on type differences. 

This course illuminates some of these common patterns and provides a simple framework for avoiding type-based conflict and resolving issues most smoothly when they do arise.


Each four letter type shows remarkable consistency in:


What triggers stress


Their response to moderate stress


Their response to high stress

The interesting thing is that each type’s response to moderate stress tends to be the opposite of their response to high stress. This course combined with the TypeCoach Stress Book, provides top tips for noticing when you or others are in the “yellow” zone. You will also learn top tips for moving back to the “green zone” instead of progressing to the “red zone”.


It is no surprise that personality type has a lot to do with the approach people take to brainstorming, collaborating and presenting information. Every type can be thought of as innovative. For example, ENTPs approach innovation in a totally different way than ISTPs. You’ll come away with lots of tips on how to maximize your own strengths and the strengths of those very different from yourself when it comes to innovation. One key is to set up your meetings for success so that everyone in the room is able to bring their best ideas and thinking to the table and avoid the oh so common


Temperament has a lot to do with what drives us, motivates us, excites us, scares us and therefore how we respond to change. This course covers:


What kind of change each of the 4 Temperaments is pre-disposed towards and against


How to align change communication to the core values of each temperament


The biggest obstacles each Temperament brings to a change project


Specific, proven techniques for getting others to embrace the new


Each of the four temperaments has different core drivers that have a LOT to do with why they do the crazy and wonderful things that they do. In 60 short minutes you’ll walk away knowing the core values that are the driving force for of each these four groups. And, more importantly, you’ll know what you can do (or coach others to do) to inspire any individual to bring their A-game. You’ll gain a lot of great nuggets whether you are new to the four temperaments or you’ve been using temperament in your work for years!


The Core Certification covers how to offer a coaching session to verify ”best fit” type. The Master Certification takes you to the next level, leaving you with the skills, knowledge and resources to:

1. Tailor your coaching to each type as well as

2. Support coachees in maximizing the typical strengths of their type and minimize their challenge areas.



The Coaching Manual – How to Tailor Your Coaching To Each Personality Type


Presenter Notes (with slides) for each of the 5 TypeCoach Courses


The PowerPoint Deck for each of the 5 TypeCoach Courses


A streamlined LMS experience providing all pre-work, webinar links, knowledge checks, etc. in one easy to use platform


Contact [email protected] for pricing information per person for the Master Certification. We offer volume discounts and discounts if the master certification is purchased with the core certification.

There is no cost for facilitating the TypeCoach Courses but it is required that each participant in the courses have: 1. access to the full TypeCoach platform of online tools and 2. receive the desk reference handout for the course they attend.


As the Program Director of TypeCoach Academy, Shauna facilitates all TypeCoach webinars and 1:1 video coaching calls. She has been a personality type enthusiast since 1994, and holds the very high distinction of MBTI ® Master Practitioner. Shauna has coached and facilitated group programs with individuals, businesses, educational institutions, healthcare organizations, and not-for-profits from around the world. She is well equipped to bring the practical application of personality type to life in any setting and to support the work of both independent consultants and in-house practitioners alike.


Below you can download the general overview with screenshots of the various TypeCoach offerings as well as the pricing sheet. There is no cost for anyone in HR or L&D or anyone considering the Certification Course. To gain access for yourself or for a group, please contact [email protected].